R.O.M. (Re Open Memory)   

Drone/Aurore Dudevant/Philippe Zulaica    

R.O.M. is a book telling a blurred story, one that is continuously egenerated,

deleting its own roots, buildingan unstable film script without respite. Memories become fictions. A field of possibilities. A landscape of accidents. A fertile endless crash. A changing body keeping our memories alive for ever.

R.O.M. is made of a selection of 127 personnal videos randomly superimposed and connected. Their scale, their position on the screen and their transparency are also ramdomly controlled. There are 10 different soundtracks: 10 loops. Those sound loops fight against the time. They bring an hypnotic and out of time atmosphere.
Each projection of R.O.M. is unique.

"R.O.M., is an exciting prospect - combining the concept of generative audio-visual installations with intimate images and sounds suggesting lost memories; the media within is unwittingly recontextualised by the viewer as the installation reconfigures and regurgitates visual and sonic data - enchanting and seemingly infinite." comment by