True Looks
picture stories using webcam captures of daily life in a furniture store

Isabelle Jenniches, Amsterdan

      True looks takes place in a SoHo (NYC) furniture store. The artist's friends and colleagues -dancer, cook, choir member -become covert protagonists. Mingling with the clients, shop assistants and teamsters they are instructed to initiate subtle dramatic occurrences amidst the beds and sofas. Everyday patterns of consumer behavior are being poached, subverted into micro-dramatic moments which are followed and captured by the store's webcam system.

      A selection of these images, as well as captures of daily life in the shop, are then made into a series of picture stories with texts taken from the notebooks of theatermaker Richard Foreman.

     Isabelle Jenniches received her Master's degree in Scenography from the Academy of Applied Art in Vienna, Austria, and a postgraduate degree in Digital Media, Communication and the Arts from Media-GN, the Netherlands. Dedicated to a nomadic existence, a connection to the internet is her single most important constant. Recent bases have included Amsterdam, New York and Los Osos, California.

      In her work, which often evolves out of close collaborations with others, she exploits the social and emotional impact of new forms of mediated communication in theatrical situations, using, for example, telepresent characters. In performances and photographic series that seek out the intersections between physical and virtual space, she often draws upon such "low tech" sources as the public or private webcam, and her ongoing compulsive collections of found footage from the Internet. Real-time collaborative creation plays an important role in connected performance events and her work with musicians: she is a dedicated participant at Share, New York's grassroots laboratory for audiovisual experimentation and has performed at some of New York City's most popular and respected video performance venues, including the Kitchen, F:T:H at Remote Lounge, The Bunker at Subtonic, Eyewash and the Festival of Mixology hosted by Roulette as well as club transmediale Berlin.

      Her work has been shown in the Grand Theatre Groningen, Theater de Balie, Melkweg and Waag Society, Amsterdam; at DEAF, Dutch Electronic Arts Festival and at V2 in Rotterdam; Location One and Harvestworks, New York; Versionfest Chicago and on the World Wide Web.









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